TIGI Bed Head “After Party” Review ♥

Hello Angels,

I know I know its been fairly long since I’ve been here, but what can I do, I guess I’m just a lazy a**. There I said it, THE TRUTH is out there now, off my chest. 🙂

Coming to the review, TIGI was kind enough to send this product to me for review, after using it several times, I seriously am in LOOOOOVE with this product. Let me break it down for you.


Price: Rs 1000/- for 100ml

I adore the packaging, the bottle is plastic in a neon pink color. It comes with a pump dispenser, which is extremely convenient to use.

Here is a list of the ingredients from the company’s website:

  • Dimethiconol – Imparts shine and body
  • Propylene Glycol – Conditions and moisturizes hair
  • Mica – Enhances shine
  • Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil – Provides gloss
  • Bismuth Oxychloride (CI 77163) – Enhances shine

And here is what the product claims:

The perfect party favor. After-Party hair creme for silky, smooth, shiny, healthy looking hair. Control the funky flyaways and silk-ify your hair.

My Take on the product:

First thing you notice is the fragrance, it smells amaaazing, I don’t know how to describe but it just smells really nice. Then i just spread it on my palms and then work it on towel-dried hair. I feel, it works better on wet hair, rather than dried. As soon as I apply it, my hair instantly feels soft and silky. Then I usually blow dry, and then flat-iron or curl it. The end result is awesome!! My hair feels soft, manageable, the flyaways are tamed and the flat-ironing or the curls last much longer.


  • Packaging is cute and the pump is makes it easy to use.
  • Smells amazing
  • Does what it says on the packaging
  • Makes hair soft and silky
  • Prolongs hair styling
  • Really tames frizzy hair
  • No parabens


  • Can’t think of any, except that availability might be an issue for some

Overall Rating: A+







Valentine’s Day Makeup Look♥

Hello Loves,

I wanted to do a video from so long, but just couldn’t get around to doing it. So here I am “finally” with an easy Valentine’s day look for you guys. I hope you like it, and find it somewhat helpful.



Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!! Thanks for watching! Please rate, comment & subscribe!

List of products used:

Emolene Moisturizer
Maybelline Fit me Foundation
Maybelline Fit me Concealer
Makeup Revolution Contour Palette
NYX Blush-Pinky
MAC Painterly Paint pot
Maybelline the Nudes E/s Palette
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
Maybelline Fashion brow Duo
Maybelline the Falsies Mascara
Colorbar Kohl pencil
Ardell Natural Lashes 107
Colorbar Lip Liner-Splendid Pink
MAC lipstick- Candy Yum Yum


Ms. GlamVictim




Edgy Makeup with a Pop of Color ♥

Hi loves,

Here is another makeup tutorial I did on a sultry brown winged liner with a pop of color. This is great to jazz up your makeup routine, also great for girls with glasses. Here is how the final look turned out. Hope you guys like it!

List of products used:

Emolene Moisturizer
L’oreal Infalliable Foundation – Natural Rose
Kryolan Derma Color – D4
Inglot Pressed Powder
Maybelline E/s Quad “Chai Latte” used Matte Taupe Color
Beauty Uk E/s Palette 02 Soho used Navy Color
L’oreal Gel Intenza Eye Liner- Chic Brown
L’oreal Lash Architect 4D Mascara
NYX Blush-Peachy
MAC Cream Color Base- Hush
MAC Lipstick-Angel

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Maybelline Color Show Lipstick Review & Swatches: Orange Lion & Fuchsia Flare♥

Hello guys!

In honor of International Lipstick day, I am reviewing the Maybelline Color Show Lipstick in Orange Lion & Fuchsia Flare.


Product description on the company website:

Maybelline New York launches 32 new lipstick shades with the most stunning hues of red, pink, brown and mauve. They are vibrant moisture rich shades to suit all Indian skin tones. Enriched with ultra-care hydrating formula which gives your lips all day hydration. They are anti-oxidant and and heat resistant, which guarantees color integrity and does not even fade in extreme heat and humidity. Are you ready to show off your colorful sides?

Here’s why you will love it:

  • Enriched with ultra-care hydrating formula
  • 32 vibrant moisture rich shades
  • Lip color doesn’t fade in extreme heat and humidity
  • Shades to suit all Indian skin tones
  • Price: Rs 299/-

My take on the product:

These lipsticks have been around for a few months now, I hadn’t tried them earlier, so when Maybelline contacted me about expressing my thoughts on these lipsticks, I was pretty excited. Being completely honest, if they wouldn’t have sent it, I wouldn’t have picked these up for myself. I am a MAC lipstick addict and I believe nothing comes anywhere close to their lipsticks.

As mentioned, this range has around 32 shades, with various color families, red, pink, brown and mauve. I received two shades: Fuchsia Flare & Orange Lion. Given a choice, I would’ve gone for the same colors.






Orange Lion: This is a gorgeous shade of orange, very on trend at the moment. But don’t be scared of the brightness, it is very sheer, compared to Fuchsia Flare. I like it for the same fact, that it is sheer; anything darker and I would’ve been scared to bits on trying it on. Very moisturizing, feels great on the lips; almost like a tinted lip balm. A great day time lipstick, would look great with lots of shimmery bronzer!  This is how it looks on me.


Fuchsia Flare: This again is my-kinda-shade, gloriously pink. I mean, which girl doesn’t love PINK! In contrast to its counterpart, Orange Lion, this one is extremely pigmented. One swipe and you get beautiful opaque color. One downside though, it stains your lips! Some people wouldn’t mind it, but I personally don’t like that part. I am not a fan of lipstains and do not like my lipstick to stain either. Overall it is again very similar to the other one, hydrating and good color payoff. Here’s how this one looks on me



  • Pocket friendly
  • Chic packaging
  • Very moisturizing on lips; no need of separate lipbalm
  • Opaque color (Fuchsia Flare)
  • Wide color range
  • Easily available


  • Stains the lips
  • Not a fan of the smell

Overall rating: A



My favorite Moments from the Victoria’s Secret 2014 Fashion Show♥

Hello loves,

It’s been long since I’ve done a fashion post on the blog. But since morning my computer has been hustled with the Victoria’s secret 2014 Fashion Show pictures..I mean how can one completely ignore these picture-perfect, chiseled-ab-long-legged bodies of the VS Angels, I mean just how can you??? Why is God so unfair? Why?

After a few hours of feeling bad for myself and a gaziilion Why-God-Whys, I finally gathered the courage to look at the pictures from the show. Apart from amazing performances by Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran & Hozier, these really took me by storm. Prepare for an hour long session of self-pity, don’t say I didn’t warn you.*just kidding*. Have a look..


Images Courtsey: Harper’s Bazaar Australia



Monsoon Chic: Staying Glam, Whatever the Weather!

Monsoon season needn’t spell the end of striking ensembles and daring, bold looks.   Regular visitors will have already picked up tips for keeping hair lush and stylish during this challenging season, but careful consideration must also be given to garment selection, as well as choosing the right footwear to complete your monsoon look.

First off, keep it colourful!  Adding bright colours and patterns to your wardrobe during the monsoon months reflects the vibrancy of the season, lifting your mood and helping you to stand out from the crowd.  As you’re going to be making an impact with vivid hues, it’s a good idea to use a colour protecting detergent when doing your laundry to guard against seepage and prevent patterns from fading into dreary obscurity. If a delicate fabric becomes a little weather-battered, however, it’s best not to wing it with your usual detergent. Refer to a professional cleaner, or check out some specialist laundry tips available online.


Avoid light colours, water-absorbent materials like suede, and heavy fabrics such as denim, which can be a real pain to dry, especially when you’re in a rush.

Remember: lightweight, breathable fabrics are your friends.  Because they do not soak up moisture, you can wear them without becoming a human sponge.  Fabrics like chiffon and cotton are perfect choices for this time of year, and a chiffon scarf makes an ideal chic accessory for almost any outfit, ranging from couture designs to traditional Desi pieces.



Damp days can be livened up with some modish ensembles.  Combat the wet weather with bright, patterned skirts, or match bold capri pants with your favourite tank tops: it’s always a good idea to use wardrobe staples where possible!  Keep it simple, bold and beautiful.


When it comes to shoes, the bad news is that you might have to leave the Louboutins in the box during monsoon season.  Pick out styles that combine comfort with functionality – a sturdy design and a firm-gripping sole will help you avoid trips.  Flip-flops, pumps and crocs are all great choices, and there’s enough variety out there to vary your look.  For the slightly more adventurous, Mod rain boots are on-trend and look fabulous with stretch denim jeans – which contain just enough spandex to allow them to dry faster than conventional denim.



Add the final dash of glamour to outfits with accessories to really bring out your personality.  If you have a penchant for vintage chic, pair your outfit with black bangles, metal bracelets and cuffs, and metal rings, with more delicate earrings or studs to prevent them catching on wet hair.

Those who veer towards understated glam rather than loud 80s looks might be drawn towards the Splash collection by Seema Roya, which showcases a stunning array of satin and net pieces drawing on a light colour palette, for a timeless, sophisticated appeal.


Work Chic

Choosing an outfit that marries professional lines with chic flourishes can be tricky at the best of times, but never more so than during monsoon season, where the muggy weather can leave you hot, bothered, and caked in mud before you even get to work!

Comfort is key.  A smart, knee-length skirt is a more comfortable alternative to suit trousers during these humid months, without compromising on style.

Wearing a pair of sandals to and from the office and changing into those sleek heels when you arrive is a cunning way to beat the rain.


Last but not least, remember never to leave the house without a trusty foldup umbrella in your bag.  An inexhaustible range of styles, from vintage-esque PVC parasols to classic Burberry prints, will help to keep you dry while looking glamorous, whatever the weather!


Busting Myths on Gel nails – by Lakmé Salon

Busting Myths on Gel nails – by Lakmé Salon

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of nail polish to help you complete your look. Even better, being able to flaunt those beautiful nails for 2-3 weeks. Style Gel is best recommended to Working Professionals who have to be groomed all the time. It is a time saving service. Sounds like a dream, but is it safe for your nails? There are a lot of myths about gel nails that range from silly to outrageous.

Sali Hughes nail gel

Experts from Lakmé Salon share some interesting facts about Gel nails.
Gel manicures are a relatively new trend. Here’s how it works: a special type of gel polish is applied to the nails and then cured under a UV or LED light. This hardens the polish into a glossy coat that’s super durable and resists chipping. Unlike acrylics, you don’t have to drill or file down your natural nails. Gel nails are also odorless and don’t require the same harsh chemicals to apply. So you end up with a manicure that stays chip-free and shiny for up to four weeks. And best of all, they dry instantly!
Human anatomy, states that nails cannot “breathe” in principle. There is no oxygen in the nail plate, and it does not need it. Nails, teeth, hair are all dead fabric, within which there are very thin channels to produce oil or moisture. That’s why our nails shine and do not break. If there was air at the top of the plate, not even super materials would stick to it.
The emission spectrum in lamps used for drying the gel, differs from the lamps in the tanning bed. Hence unlike what most people think, it most certainly does not cause skin cancer.
Acetone should never be used on gel nails or even normal nails as they damage the nail bed, alternately one must use a nail remover. You can apply a different nail color on your Gel colors nails and can remove it with a Nail Polish Remover. Your Gel color will continue to remain intact & you will also get a change in style.

Lakmé Salon Experts put together some Do’s and Don’ts that will help your gel nails last longer


RESPECT your skin, nails & health. Wear rubber gloves for all cleaning, scouring, sanding, painting etc.

FILE ONLY. Preferably, get your nail technician to do this.

– When damaged, get your nails REPAIRED by your nail technician as soon as you can.

– Remember, your nail extensions are JEWELS not TOOLS. While nail extensions is tough, it is not indestructible!

– Use ACETONE FREE nail polish remover ONLY!

– Soak fingers in warm water & mild soap 5-10 minutes to soften dirt, then scrub gently underneath nail with a nail brush or soft toothbrush.


Don’t expose your nails to harsh chemicals, petroleum products, abrasives or household cleansers to avoid crumbling of gel nails.

Don’t bite or cut your nail extensions as it can shatter damaging your natural nail plate.

Don’t glue broken or lifted extension nails. Glue isn’t watertight.

– Don’t use your nail extensions to open cans, or anything else that puts them at risk of breaking.

Don’t use acetone or regular nail polish remover.

– Don’t gouge dirt from under your nails with pins, needles, metal nail files or any other sharp object. You may cause infection under nail.