Enjoy this summer season without compromising on your hair lengths

Marcus Francis, TRESemmé’s official stylist shares tips to maintain healthy hair

Summer is here and we are sure you are well stocked for this bright season. While your sun-screens, sun-shades and hats are all set to protect your beautiful skin, what are you doing for your hair during summer?

Did I hear you say ‘Nothing’? Well, that is certainly not great news for your crowning glory.

Your hair is exposed to many harsh elements during summers and can have numerous after effects. Needless to say, this will leave you rather unhappy.  Over exposure to sun’s harmful rays, sweat, humidity and of course, spending too much time in a swimming pool all have unpleasant after effects. It often leads to lead to dull, dry and brittle hair causing splitends and damaged hair.  A little pre-emptive care is all your hair needs to stay beautiful throughout this season!


Marcus Francis, TRESemmé’s official stylist shares tips on how to maintain healthy hair and protect your ends during the summer months without using scissors.

Marcus Francis - Global hairstylist TREsemme

Tip #1 – Be Sun Smart!

UV rays are bad news for our skin, as well as hair.  Too much sun can leave hair dry, brittle and faded. So, always COVER your hair before leaving the house. Use hats, scarves, bandanas or umbrella to protect your hair from those harmful rays.





Tip #2 – Get rid of SPLITENDS!

Dry brittle hair can cause splitends which will run down to the root of your hair if not treated. Trimming is not the answer to split ends, as in most cases, you will instead end up with rough edges and increased split ends. Use TRESemmé Split Remedy Shampoo and conditioner which reduces 96% splitends in just three washes.

TRESemmé Split Remedy Shampoo 600ml


Tip #3Say NO to chemical processing

Avoid chemical processing such as colouring, bleaching, stripping or excessive salon styling of hair during summer. Not a hair-friendly season to undergo harsh treatments.


Tip # 4 – Always BRUSH your hair!

Brushing your hair regularly will not only keep it free from knots, but it will stimulate circulation in the scalp which encourages blood flow to the roots of your hair. The golden rule of brushing is: The longer your hair, the bigger your brush should be. But NEVER brush or comb wet hair. This can lead to hair breakage at the ends.


Tip #5 – AVOID tight hairstyles

Tight hairstyles pull and tug at your tresses that cause splitends and hair breakage. Opt for loose summer trendy hairstyles like braids, waves, sleek low ponytails etc. One can also go for variations in these hairstyles like fishtail or French braid, loose or tousled waves, sleek high ponytail or centre part low ponytail.




Save Makeup Save Money: Tips for Making Your Beauty Products Last

I am constantly talking to my girlfriends about what an investment beauty products are. If you’re a product junkie like me, your beauty budget can closely rival what you spend on new clothes. So whether it’s my wardrobe or makeup supply, I really want to make sure that I protect my investment.


Here are a few of my favorite ways to make my makeup last:


1. Build a Better Makeup Bag

At times, I look through my stash and find no fewer than a dozen variations of the exact same lip shade. None of these products get used consistently and they mostly end up expiring before I can even scratch the surface. I’ve learned that by better editing my purchase decisions, I can make sure that I have a variety of products that I use more frequently – and I’m more likely to use them to the very last drop.

HSN Makeup Brushes and Tools

2.Clean your Brushes

Not only are makeup brushes expensive, but they also touch all of your makeup. By keeping them clean, not only are you extending their life, but also the life of your products. Keeping powders and blushes free and clear of oils and bacteria that tend to break them down will help them live a longer life.


3. Keep it Pretty

You will never find my hard earned makeup knocking around in a vanity drawer or at the bottom of my purse. Oh, the horror! I’m careful to keep my beauty treasures tucked inside of pouches when I’m on the go or on a tray sitting on my vanity at home. This way, there’s far less chance that they will crack or explode, wasting precious product.


HSN Lip Gloss and Plumpers

4. Scrape the Bottom

I recently discovered these little spatulas that you can use to actually scrape the bottom of your makeup bottles to get to the very end of them. I’ve also been known to use them after cutting open tubes of concealer and lip glossto collect one final application. Brilliant!


5. Portion Control

It may go without saying, but using only what you need can really make your makeup last. I found that I was always left with unneeded foundation or extra moisturizer after applying, so I downsized my dose and I’m wasting less. Making other small changes like not spraying my fragrance into the air and walking through it has also helped!


These tricks have definitely helped me to stretch my beauty dollar, but I’m dying to know: how do you make your makeup last?

Busting Myths on Gel nails – by Lakmé Salon

Busting Myths on Gel nails – by Lakmé Salon

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of nail polish to help you complete your look. Even better, being able to flaunt those beautiful nails for 2-3 weeks. Style Gel is best recommended to Working Professionals who have to be groomed all the time. It is a time saving service. Sounds like a dream, but is it safe for your nails? There are a lot of myths about gel nails that range from silly to outrageous.

Sali Hughes nail gel

Experts from Lakmé Salon share some interesting facts about Gel nails.
Gel manicures are a relatively new trend. Here’s how it works: a special type of gel polish is applied to the nails and then cured under a UV or LED light. This hardens the polish into a glossy coat that’s super durable and resists chipping. Unlike acrylics, you don’t have to drill or file down your natural nails. Gel nails are also odorless and don’t require the same harsh chemicals to apply. So you end up with a manicure that stays chip-free and shiny for up to four weeks. And best of all, they dry instantly!
Human anatomy, states that nails cannot “breathe” in principle. There is no oxygen in the nail plate, and it does not need it. Nails, teeth, hair are all dead fabric, within which there are very thin channels to produce oil or moisture. That’s why our nails shine and do not break. If there was air at the top of the plate, not even super materials would stick to it.
The emission spectrum in lamps used for drying the gel, differs from the lamps in the tanning bed. Hence unlike what most people think, it most certainly does not cause skin cancer.
Acetone should never be used on gel nails or even normal nails as they damage the nail bed, alternately one must use a nail remover. You can apply a different nail color on your Gel colors nails and can remove it with a Nail Polish Remover. Your Gel color will continue to remain intact & you will also get a change in style.

Lakmé Salon Experts put together some Do’s and Don’ts that will help your gel nails last longer


RESPECT your skin, nails & health. Wear rubber gloves for all cleaning, scouring, sanding, painting etc.

FILE ONLY. Preferably, get your nail technician to do this.

– When damaged, get your nails REPAIRED by your nail technician as soon as you can.

– Remember, your nail extensions are JEWELS not TOOLS. While nail extensions is tough, it is not indestructible!

– Use ACETONE FREE nail polish remover ONLY!

– Soak fingers in warm water & mild soap 5-10 minutes to soften dirt, then scrub gently underneath nail with a nail brush or soft toothbrush.


Don’t expose your nails to harsh chemicals, petroleum products, abrasives or household cleansers to avoid crumbling of gel nails.

Don’t bite or cut your nail extensions as it can shatter damaging your natural nail plate.

Don’t glue broken or lifted extension nails. Glue isn’t watertight.

– Don’t use your nail extensions to open cans, or anything else that puts them at risk of breaking.

Don’t use acetone or regular nail polish remover.

– Don’t gouge dirt from under your nails with pins, needles, metal nail files or any other sharp object. You may cause infection under nail.


The Nature’s Co. Founder unveils beauty essentials at work!

March being the financial year end calls for appraisal and promotion evaluations. Don’t you want to show the confiance inside out at this time of the year? We’re sure your desk drawers are fully supplied with pens and post-its, but what about beauty essentials? It’s important to keep an inventory of beauty must-haves at your workplace, after all, the amount of time we working ladies spend at our work desk, it makes it pretty much our second home.

Beauty wish box
TNC doesn’t leave a chance to help you look your best naturally, around the clock. This time Beauty Expert & Founder, The Nature’s Co, Natasha Shah, herself has rounded up 6 products in the March Special Gorgeous 9 to 5 Beauty Wish Box, that’ll work as hard as you do.

“Impromptu outdoor meetings or after-work plans, ‘freshening up’ or touch-ups become inevitable. These emergency fix-its have slowly filled up my desk, and I refuse to part with a single one, making me look and feel my best at all times. You’ll be ready for anything!” shares, Natasha.

She decodes some inside tips to keep you feeling gorgeous, confident and ready for any challenges the day might bring. Here is her daily beauty checklist:

1) Hydration: Keeping yourself hydrated keeps your body and mind active and fresh. Always have a bottle of water on your desk. Replace teas and coffees during work hours to green tea and lemongrass tea.

2) Moisturisation: Outdoor meeting and continuous air condition at work leads to skin dryness and damage. Treating your skin with the apt amount of moisture is necessary. Never skip your body lotion, day face cream, lip balm and hand cream quick retouches at work.

3) Quick Fixes: To freshen up anytime of the day a good face wash in your bag is a must have. When on the go wet wipes always help.

4) Grooming: Being well groomed helps to boost confidence level. Always keep a nail file, tweezers, an extra hair clutcher and hair ties handy to be looking perfect at any time.

5) Me – Time: Long hours in front of the computer screen causes a lot of strain to your back, neck and posture. Ensure you occasionally break into simple neck exercises and feet stretches to relax your muscles.

*Personal Tip* : Take a break from the screen. Make sure you get up every hour for a few minutes and walk around your office. Avoid calling / emailing your colleagues, instead walk up to their desks, get up to get a drink, go near the window for some fresh air or get up to get your print or photocopy.

Find the handpicked recommendation in our March Special Gorgeous 9 – to – 5 Beauty Wish Box.

March BWB Image

Subscriptions start at Rs. 595/- only. Also get 35% Discount Vouchers on full sized products on subscription to sample size. A complimentary spa coupon at TNC stores, and a special refreshing delight from Kara facial wipes.

To subscribe you could visit the below mentioned link:


How To Keep Your Beauty Accessories Clean


Washing your clothes is a standard part of any weekly routine, and chances are you know exactly what to do to make your clothes look like new – and smell even better than before. But if you are using special gloves to exfoliate your skin, or make-up brushes and sponges to apply your make-up, washing them should also become part of your beauty routine. This is not only necessary to get rid of any dirt or make-up residue – oil and even bacteria can build up on these beauty accessories. Take a look at these easy cleaning tips for exfoliating gloves, make-up brushes, sponges and your hairbrush.


Cleaning exfoliating gloves


Using exfoliating gloves in the shower keeps your skin fresh, healthy and glowing. But if you don’t want to replace them every other week, it is a good idea to clean them thoroughly. This shouldn’t be a hassle at all, as you can just wash them in your laundry machine. Make sure to choose a delicate cycle, and use a mild detergent to clean the gloves. Alternatively, you can hand wash them with some soap or detergent, running them under the tap to rinse out any soap residue.


Cleaning make-up brushes


All you’ll need in order to clean your makeup brushes is shampoo – it really is as easy as that – so no more excuses. Any mild shampoo will work just fine, keeping the brush tips soft; there’s no need for salon-standard products. Run your brushes under warm water in order to rinse out makeup residue. Mix a few drops of shampoo with some warm water, and clean the brush tip using your fingers. Run the brush under the water again, and repeat these steps until there is no more make-up running down the drain. Wipe your brushes clean with a towel and let them dry.


Cleaning make-up sponges


While it is fine to clean makeup brushes once a week, if you are using makeup sponges to apply and blend your makeup you should make sure they get a cleanse after every use to avoid bacteria growth inside the sponge. You can use hand soap or shampoo to clean these. Just run the sponge under warm water, squeezing out any excess make-up, and then apply a drop of soap or shampoo directly onto it, massaging the sponge under the water until it runs clear. Squeeze the sponge again, and let it air dry. One amazingly handy trick is to apply a drop of olive oil along with the soap or shampoo – it actually helps remove oily products from the sponge.

Cleaning your hairbrush

How to clean hair brushes. Leanne marie blog

First, use a comb to get rid of any hair sitting in the brush. Next, rinse your hairbrush under warm tap water and then soak it in a solution two or three drops of shampoo mixed with water – but only if your hairbrush isn’t fabric. If it is, carefully dip the bristles in the solution. Then you can simply scrub the hairbrush and let it dry overnight. Do this as often as possible, but at the very least once every few weeks to ensure your hair is getting the best treatment possible.


There you have it – cleaning beauty accessories can be very quick and easy. Why not go ahead and try these tips yourself?


Style your hair differently this winter!


Winter has arrived and it calls for a change in wardrobe with lots of woolens and jackets, and scarves and hats! But why leave your hair behind? This winter style your hair differently and flaunt your tresses while protecting it.

Don’t be afraid to think ‘outside of the box’ when it comes to a new style this season. Dare to go short, add some layers, rock a bang or try anew hair color. On the occasion of TRESemmé’s first anniversary, Marcus Francis, Global hairstylist TRESemmé shares some tips on how you can craft your hair this winter!


Experimenting with hues


Cold seasons are the perfect time to darken your locks. Choose your natural shade to just a shade darker to complement the dreary cold days and the heavier clothing that you’re wearing.

For Indian skin tone, try warmer colors to suit your complexion. One can go for darkest brown, golden honey blonde and deep red to be as dramatic as the cold weather. Burgundy is another popular color on olive and yellow skin tones.


Opt for Bangs


Now is the perfect time to opt for bangs. Heavy, blunt bangs and straight-edged hair help make a sweater and dark jeans and boots look all the more fashionable. If you do not want heavy-thick bangs, even side-swept bangs for the winter months are a great change. It gives you a softer look bringing the focus on your eyes.


Layer your hair


If you have long or medium length hair, adding layers will give you a glamorous look this winter. Layeringmakes your hair look more voluminous especially for women with thin hair. If you have thick, long hair, this style will suit you the best as layering will break bulky texture and set you free from exhausting styling.


Romantic Curls


The winter season also means a whole lot of parties, flirty-romantic curls, last minute shopping and much more. Be dramatic and create loose ringlets in your hair and pin back one side behind your ear with a pearly or jewel-toned hair clip.


Play with accessories

images (1)

Whether you let your hair loose or braid it up, or tie a bun or a pony, add some accessories to your hair before you step out. Embellished bobby pins, head bands or elastic bands just add a chic look to your winter style. Just carry few bobby pins and hair pins in your bag and you can style your hair anytime.



Braids, knots and buns

images (3)

Braids, knots and buns are great for winter as well. While summer is all about windswept, beachy hair, winter seasons are all about looking polished with warm winter jackets, thick sweaters, and turtlenecks. Having your hair pulled back simply in a bun, braid, or knot helps your silhouette and complements bangs for winter. Particularly for darker hair in winter, these styles are great ways to keep your hair from adding onto bulky winter clothing, to give you a complete look all around.

Say hello to winter hair!

(Press Note)

Say hello to winter hair!

Marcus Francis TRESemmé’s Global Hairstylist shares tips, tricks and winter essentials



Have you felt the chill in the air? Yes, right? Winter has arrived, bringing in the most pleasant climate of the year but not so welcoming for your hair. The cool winter breeze often leaves your hair dehydrated and unmanageable leading to problems like dandruff, dry scalp, frizzy hair etc. Therefore, it is important that you take special care of your tresses during this time. TRESemmé’s Global Hairstylist, Marcus Francis shares some tips to keep your mane healthy and lustrous and the scalp squeaky clean this season.


TRESemmé’s Global Hairstylist, Marcus Francis shares some tips to keep your mane healthy and lustrous and the scalp squeaky clean this season.

Marcus Francis - Global hairstylist TREsemme




  • During winter it’s very important to keep your hair hydrated and nourished with conditioners and hair masques
  • Apply a generous amount of a suitable hair masque from mid-length to the ends for 3-5 minutes and then rinse off. Ideally this should be practiced twice a week
  • A good option for masques is the newly launched TRESemmé Anti Breakage Masque and TRESemmé Smooth and Shine Masque. Its intense conditioning properties make hair softer, smoother and more manageable.



Don’t be harsh

  • Do not shampoo your hair too often as it depletes your natural hair oils. 2-3 times a week may suffice
  • Avoid washing your hair with hot water in winter as it leaves your scalp dry and flaky and brittles your hair. Luke warm to cold water is ideal
  • It’s recommended to change your regular shampoo every 3-6 to avoid your hair getting immune to it.
  • Also use shampoo that protects your hair from harsh weather elements. TRESemmé Climate Control shampoo and conditioner is very great for this season as it creates a barrier between your hair and the weather elements and also hydrates and strengthens your hair.




Lay of the heat

  • Avoid excessive use of hair dryers during winter months. Blow drying your already brittle and dry hair will only make them worse
  • If you have to attend a party and need to dry or style your hair, try the cool setting of your dryer. There is a reason why it’s there! Your hair might take longer to dry but the shine in your hair will be well worth it
  • Air dry your hair as far as possible to avoid the harshness of the    dryer



Protect and cover your hair

  • Whenever you are stepping out in the cold, keep your head covered, especially your crown
  • If you’re using a knitted cap to cover your head, wear a silk scarf underneath. This will provide a protective barrier from your hat and an extra layer against harsh textures and elements
  • Use hats with a satin or silk lining, as wool, cotton and other fibers not only absorb moisture but also rub on the hair strands, which can be damaging. Hoods are also a great option


Use friendly hair gear

  • A common way to secure hair when stepping outside is wearing hair pins
  • Secure your hair with bobby pins or elastic bands that do not contain metal components, as these pieces can cause breakage when they’re removed because hair becomes tangled or wrapped around the metal
  • Opt for elastic bands wrapped only in fabric or small clear elastic bands which are perfect for the ends of a braid



**Press note shared by the brand PR.