How satin lingerie can turn him on ♥

Hello my fellow glam victims,

Every woman wants to feel sexy and glamorous, not just between the sheets but on an everyday basis. I believe that sexy lingerie always makes you feel more confident about your body and about yourself.

Satin has always been a favorite among women, and is somehow always associated with being sexy and seductive. Lingerie is no longer a hush affair; every woman today wants to feel sexy and desirable, even if it is not for the opposite sex.

Bridal lingerie too is mostly satin and lace to add a bit of drama and night-time glamour. Satin lingerie can make a perfect addition to any lingerie wardrobe and can make any man weak in the knees. Whether it is a cute babydoll with lace trimmings, or two piece lingerie sets, men can go gaga over anything.

What is sexy?

Choose from a range of babydolls or a mid length slip in sultry colors like red, black or pink in ultra smooth satin and see your man fall in love with you all over again. Here are some of my recommendations

  1. Be an after-dark delight in this seductive black lace number. This satin babydoll is comfortable yet sexy. Just the perfect late-night lingerie favorite.

fdoll_151_zps599749132. Glamorous and daring, this babydoll is utterly sexy in a feminine color complete with lace trimmings to add a hint of definition.


3. Smooth satin meets revealing lace front, what more could you ask for? Perfect for a a bit of night fun..


4. A feminine take on the late-night sexy look with a playful ribbon tie-front. The red color enhances it even more.


I hope you enjoy my recommendations, and for once try a piece of sexy lingerie, even if it is just in the store. I am sure it will make you feel confident about yourself.  Better yet buy one, and surprise your man. I am sure he will thank me later..haha 😛 And for all the single ladies out there, I am sure that sexy lingerie will definitely boost your self esteem. Try it and tell me how it goes.



Ms. GlamVictim


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