Last minute Valentine’s day gift ideas for him♥


Hello loves,

I am one lazy bum (and a confused one) when it comes to buying gifts for anyone, including my better half. My husband always comes up with the best surprises for every occasion & I can never dream of even coming close to matching his surprises. Dumb girl problems!

Anywho, this year for Valentine’s I am determined to surprise him with something he will totally love (at least I think so…). So here’s a list of gifts that your man will love……………..hopefully 😉


1. Sheaffer Gift Collection Fountain Pen Rs. 1799/-

2. Leaf Jewel Maze Black Enamel Rhodium Plated Cufflinks Rs. 300/-

3. Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses Rs. 7290/-

4. Tommy Hilfiger Analog Watch Rs. 9995/-

5. Reebok One Guide Running Shoes Rs. 8999/- 

6. WWE 2K14 Xbox game Rs. 2499/-

So, have you bought your man something already or are you still looking? Share your gift ideas below, I would love to know!


Ms GlamVictim♥


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