The Idea Caravan

Hello sugar plums,

Today I came across “The Idea Caravan” initiative by Franklin Templeton Investments. Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012, to rethink and make people aware of some of the biggest causes, inventions & issues of our times.

I saw a series of videos on their page wherein they showcased various entrepreneurs/achievers/social workers who have achieved the in-achievable.

The most touching story out of these was the documentary by Evan Grae Davis “it’s a girl-the three most deadliest words in the world”. We all know that the female gendericide is a major issue in the world what I didn’t know was how deep-rooted it was in our society.

In his documentary, he talks to this women in South India, who strangled her own new-born daughters to death and then buried them in a field. It is shocking and saddening to see this evil flourishing even today. Even though the government in India has banned gender test, many people including the so-called “role models” of our societies, celebrities, get them done.

I am glad I came across such an initiative and I thank Franklin Templeton for supporting this huge cause.

You can watch Evan Grae Davis’ video along with other achievers here.

Let’s join hands in supporting this cause and eliminating such social evils from our society.

Ms GlamVictim♥


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